Legal Note

General information on the website of Lo Paseo and its contents.


Passeig de l’Estació, 47, P1. 43550 Ulldecona (Tarragona)

Lo Paseo has its headquarters in Lo Paseo de la Estación, 39, Ulldecona (tel. 977573141).

Lo Paseo has the electronic address, without prejudice to the fact that on time or on a permanent basis there may be other addresses that also allow access to the content and services provided through the website of Lo Paseo.

Lo Paseo, within the framework of the provisions of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia (articles 31 and 156), has a series of functions that are specified in Law 32/2010, of October 1. This website includes different contents related to the protection of personal data and related to the fields of action and the functions of Lo Paseo.

The purpose of the website of Lo Paseo is to make the right to the protection of personal data closer to the citizen and to promote the access of entities that are part of the scope of competition of Lo Paseo and, in general , of people interested in diverse information about this right.

To accomplish this purpose, it includes information on regulations, publications, opinions, as well as the annual report of Lo Paseo, current information and training activities in which Lo Paseo participates, among other issues.

The information and content related to the performance and functions of Lo Paseo, which are included on the website, are subject to the following provisions.



The contents and graphic elements that are part of the website are the exclusive property of Lo Paseo or third parties or legal entities that have authorized the use of Lo Paseo. The contents of the website are subject to intellectual property, with the exceptions provided in article 13 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, which approves the consolidated text of the Intellectual Property Law Lectual Therefore, any use or reproduction that users make of these contents, or others that may be included in the future, must be done in accordance with the provisions and respecting the limitations of the aforementioned regulations.

The Walk informs a reservation of rights in general with regard to the content of the content on the website that is the object of intellectual property.

The personal and private use of the contents of this website is admitted, which is appropriate and adjusted to the purpose of the site, as specified in the previous section of this legal notice. However, in certain cases, Lo Paseo can explicitly indicate that it is necessary to request an express authorization. In these cases, the corresponding application must be sent in writing to:

Catalan Data Protection Authority
C. Rosselló 214, Esc A, 1st 1st,
08008 Barcelona

It is not authorized in any case:

The presentation of a website page in a window that does not belong to Lo Paseo by means of framing.
The insertion of a picture displayed on the website in a page that is not of Lo Paseo through in line linking.
The removal of elements of the website that is detrimental to Lo Paseo in accordance with current regulations.
The commercial use of the contents of the website of Lo Paseo.
The use of distinctive brands or signs, logos and, in general, distinctive symbols of any kind, owned by Lo Paseo, without the knowledge and corresponding authorization thereof.

Lo Paseo reserves the right to institute the precautionary actions, procedures and measures, provided for in the intellectual property legislation, in relation to the commission of violations of intellectual property regulations, by the users Offenses committed on the occasion of the fraudulent use of the information and content of the Lo Paseo website, may entail the penalties provided for in the law, especially in the Criminal Code (articles 270 et seq.).



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This information is not associated to specific users and is used for the sole purpose of obtaining statistical information about the use of the site.